AusTrak Module Updates by Ian.

For those intending to use the book to construct their first module and those re-visiting it to build more, the following corrections may be of assistance.

It is not meant to be a definitive list but simply a note of those which I have picked up through use and review.


Under "KNOWN DANGEROUS ITEMS", this line, correct spelling is "CARCINOGENIC".

Under "TRACKWORK", second last line, read "…………. WHEN NOT AVAILABLE".

Under "COLOURS", fourth line, read "BASE GRASS TO BE ………..".


The top end of the "CONTINUOUS RUNNING" layout should consist of a 900 SQ CORNER then a standard 1200 then a 200 mm module before the right hand 900 SQ CORNER.

PAGE 11/12

Note that on these corner modules the curves of the inner and outer mains are not concentric. That is to say the centres of the curves are 4 mm different at their extremities. Hence there is a greater track separation in the middle of the curves than at either end to allow additional clearance for long wheel based rolling stock through the curves.


Under "CONNECTOR TYPES", lines five and seven, note that the "NEAREST RAIL …." Is the +ve rail and the "FARTHEST RAIL …." Is the -ve rail for wiring purposes (as per the "NOTES" at the bottom of Page 19).

Under "CONNECTOR TYPES", lines nine and then, "MALE PIN NO …." should be H9002 and "FEMALE PIN NO …." should be H9001.

Under "CONNECTOR TYPES", last paragraph, read "…. BY BOILING THEM …." and "THIS COLOURS THEM ….".


Note that the switch controlling the power feed from the INNER MAIN BUS to the SIDING can also be a DP/ST as per the top diagram on Page 21.


Under "STANDARD CONTROLLER/NOTES", the third line should of course read "MAY BE CONSTRUCTED ….".


Under "MATERIALS", Item 3 should read "8 OFF - M*8 BOLTS x 60 LG …."


Under "NOTES", second last word is of course "COLOUR".


Under "NOMINATED EXTRAS", "1 OFF - SPECTATOR GUARD …." should read "…. 3mm x 822 x 250 PERSPEX."


On the 1800 x 1200 mm plywood sheet diagram, the measurements "92" are in the wrong positions. They should be located between the 8 x 100 cutouts and the 619 sides, such that 92 + 8 + 500 = 600mm.

Under "NOMINATED EXTRAS", the "1 OFF - SPECTATOR GUARD …." should read "…. 3mm x 849 x 250 PERSPEX.".

Well that’s all I could find. Any other corrections would obviously be welcomed by all users.